*Superior Care
*Climate Controlled
*Radiant Heated Floors
*Soft Nylon Canvas Raised Cot Beds
*Welded Wire Kennels
*Personalized Attention
*Extended Leashed walks on our beautiful 9 acre property 
 with professional caregivers
*Open 7 days a week, all year, even holidays!
                                                                                                     *Owner lives on premises
*No extra charge to administer medications, treats or belly rubs!

*Please call ahead! Reservations Required (973) 831-6767
*Our house food is included or
  you can bring your dogs regular diet from home
*Vaccinations must be current for the health of your dog:
 DHLPP (Distemper Series)

 Bordetella (Every 6 months)
 Canine Influenza - optional

Boarding: $25 per day, $12.50 for half day

*******Summer Rate*******

June , July and August 

is $35 per day , $17.50 for half day 



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